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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Donald Vincent

07 October 2014



 I know that I have mentioned this before in a previous article, but I feel Obligated to broach this again.  It is weighing heavily on my heart as well as in my soul.



    I am of the firm belief that Barack (Insane) Obama really wants the above picture to be his legacy.  I talk to people every day.  We speak of football both collegiate and the NFL.  Baseball and the World Series, but try to talk about Ebola or the Government, or the economic failures of this administration and they tune you right out.  Are you one of those?   So entrenched are they in the entertainment world and sports that they lack the willingness to even engage in their duty, their responsibility to be the 4th branch of government as prescribed by the Constitution and bill of rights.  I’m heartbroken and dismayed by having to say that “We the People” (not all, but most) have willingly abdicated their sovereignty and given their freedom, their God given rights and their very dignity over to an all-powerful Government and an Imperial President.  The blood spilled by all of our families and their families spilled on this soil to secure those God given rights for ourselves and our posterity has now officially been spilled in vain.  Their death and their sacrifices have all been wasted upon a useless, worthless bunch of pathetic, Government dependent Neo-slaves.  These Neo-Subjects will now, undoubtedly, get what they deserve, Subjugation by the all -powerful government that they, themselves have created both for them and their posterity, but I will not comply.  I hope that their children will eventually see the light and correct their path so that they come back to the fold of freedom and self-reliance, but, I don’t hold much faith in that.  You have taught them well.  They have learned from you that Capitalism and self- determination are selfish and un-fair to others whom don’t’ have the drive to succeed in life.  By your hand you have created the next Generation of Government dependent neo-Communists that will forever walk in the indenture of your ineptitude and cowardice.  What a great legacy.  Don’t you think?  This Is the legacy you really want to leave?    I know Stalin, Mao, Alynski, Che and Pol Pot would be proud to have left this to their families.  Will you?  Are you?  After all It is up to you.  Are you willing to make that change?  That change back to self-governance?  I don’t think so (chicken shit), but, you can prove me wrong, I hope that you do, in fact I’m begging you…..please, prove me wrong. 


    For the rest of us, the three per centers, we will fight. WE (the real) People, the ones who take umbrage with what you have allowed yourselves to become, we, will fight.  How you may ask?  I hope that we never have to find out.  For the Revolution will be brutal, long and hard fought.  We the People will once again take (again, by force if necessary)  control over “our lives, our fortune and our sacred honor”, while you, the willing slaves will once again come from the shadows to try to once again steal from us what we have fought so hard to re-gain……..and re-gain for all of us.  And thus, your Ilk will start the cycle toward despotism once again.  The difference will be that our children will grow up knowing the reason, the truth and the light and they will never again allow your children to attempt the subjugation that you subjected your children to (Intentionally?).  You will at that time and there- after, be defeated before you can even start.  We are the modern day Militia, and you are now, as you were before, Tories, believing now as you did then (in the first Revolution) that the all-powerful sovereign will put your best interest before their profit and personal goals of power and control,  Shame on your ignorance, lack of self –confidence, self- respect, self-determination and self-reliance.  I pray God will have mercy on your soul.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Donald Vincent

    I will just start this post out with a question:  Is Barry Soetorro/Barrack Hussein Obama crazy, or is he a sick twisted globalist intentionally inflicting damage to the Country and the Constitution ?  Or, is he the Manchurian President Groomed for the office and being handled by the likes of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), the Trilateral commission and the Bildeburgers' and their ilk?

Answer:  I don't know.  Nor do any of these other people that are reporting that that is the case.  It is pure speculation to speak to this in the affirmative.  Even though his actions really do speak to this possibility.  No, PROBABILITY.  However, this is what I do know:

     I know that the he is a liar, pathological in fact
and that he has surrounded himself with the exact same
Type of people IE: Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Joe Biden,
James Clapper, Eric Holder.  That is just to name a few.  There are many more. 
    I know that any and all statistics provided by his admin-
istration are falsified, tweaked, changed, altered or hidden
from the light of day and invented to portray an entirely
Fraudulent picture that is more often than not in complete
opposition of the facts.  Any and all statements made by the
administration and-or their proxies (CNN/Government media) is embellished, falsified or Doctored to support a completely
false narrative.  Talking points are written at the White House and passed down to the media who report them verbatim and in some cases even get paid to report completely false stories that benefit this administration.  Propaganda is running amok.  The Constitution is plain.  It is there to tell the Government what it can, and more importantly what it can't do.  There are duties of the federal Government that are specifically delineated in this Supreme Law of the Land.  One of which is to provide for the Countries security.  With Islamic extremists and muslims in high ranking appointed positions in the Government, a wide open southern boarder, several "free trade" agreements, as well as foreign policy that does nothing but give our enemies or countries that want to be our enemies the assurance of weakness overtly and fervently communicated to the whole world.  Even our (so called) allies are falling away in various ways especially economically.  The ones that aren't running away are being forced to reconsider in lieu of spying and policies not conducive to maintaining an alliance.  While he and his cohorts like the DHS, FBI, NSA and other alphabet agencies are concentrating on attacking and demonizing the people of this once great nation, the military is being cut back, degraded, humiliated, and censored.  Veterans are being piled into a rhetorical closet to die instead of being taken care of (as promised), and the ones that aren't requiring medical care are being called "domestic terrorists."  We the People are put on "watch lists" and people are constantly being harassed by Militarized police departments with no knock raids, un-Constitutional self written warrants, un-Constitutional road blocks and checkpoints, forced blood draws, constant surveillance through e-mail, cell phones, and cameras both hidden and in plain sight in public.  Yet, illegal immigrants, even with criminal records are being released from jail, allowed to freely cross the border and are handed public assistance in the form of money, food and housing and education, not to mention free transport to the location of their choice courtesy of the American people.  We are being forced, through taxation to pay for our own demise and complete loss of sovereignty.  Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart?

    Even though we knew (or should have known) that the Ebola virus would come to the shores of this country, the Government says "there's nothing to worry about, we are the best in the world medically, there's no way that it could even come here, and if it should, there is no way that it will spread to epidemic stages."  Then in the background, and, for months in advance no less, the CDC (Government) sends out guidelines to all hospitals for the procedures to follow in the event that patients should appear (magically).  They also give policy and procedures to funeral homes for the care and disposal of the dead.  Isn't that interesting.  Do you think there is more about this that you are not being told?  Is this another lie?  Or is this just a vain attempt to avoid panic?  Or maybe, just maybe it is an intentional attempt to bring this disease to the American People.  Then forced inoculations, quarantine zones, and martial law to contain the spread?  I'll leave that up to you.  I know I will be ready for almost any of those things to happen.  As crazy as this sounds, I just have no trust in this Government to do the right thing for this country or the people.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Decision Time

Donald Vincent


     In 2008 when Obama was first elected, I was upset and confused.  Though I knew in my heart the people were acting out of political correctness, desperation and most voted along racial lines, I took solace in the fact that it would only be for four years, after all, how much harm could one man do in four years right?  Wrong!  I went to work trying to get involved on the grass roots level and making sure that his tenure would be short.  My efforts were in vain.  In 2012, when he came up for re-election, I said to myself, “there’s no way the American people will do this again.”  And I took comfort in that thought.  I was wrong again.  This is getting to be a nasty habit of mine, this being wrong thing.  I didn’t count my chickens this time.  I re-doubled my efforts.  I joined Patriot groups, the Tea Party, and gave money I didn’t have, to people that didn’t or couldn’t make a difference.   After Mitt Romney (intentionally I believe) tanked that debate……I knew…….right then and there, I knew.  I got angry.  After the polls closed I glued myself to the T.V. watching and praying that what I knew to be true was wrong again.  Sometimes it sucks to be right.   After all was said and done, I didn’t know whether to cry, renew my passport, or buy more ammo.  I bet you’ll never guess which one I picked……


    Now it’s 6 years later, with the economy in shambles, record unemployment, more people on public assistance then are working and a federal deficit that is 10 times larger than the global GDP I am dumbfounded.  The Country is in a perpetual state of war, there is scandal after scandal, the DOJ helps cover-up all the lies from the administration and its failed (?) policies, and the American people are constantly losing their Sovereignty a little at a time and faster with each passing day.  But are they angry?  You would never know it by looking around, or by watching the (so-called) news.  Are there protests?  No.  I guess the “free speech zones” are just too small.  The only thing that let me know that there were still Americans out there was the Bundy Ranch event.  That gave me some hope that things were not lost forever and that there were still people out there with a fire in their belly for Liberty and Freedom. There have been very few legal challenges as well, the ones that there are, are squashed, placed into the circular file or just buried in the beaurocratic blizzard of paperwork and hoops.  With the complicity of the courts and the entire legal system, any such challenges that manage to reach the Supreme Court are tossed; if they are heard by them at all the decision is always against the People and the Constitution.  It is a sad state of affairs.  Yet, there are still people who are placing all of their hopes on the coming mid-term elections.  I guess their hope is that the elections aren’t really rigged and the system will flip back into a Constitutional Republic just by trying to elect new corruption into an already destroyed system.  I just don’t get it.  I see only two solutions at this point, and I don’t put much faith into a positive outcome for either one, but, I’ll state them anyway.  First, we need to take back the courts and the legal system and wrest the power from the Admiralty/Statutory system and bring back the common law and the common law Grand Jury system that served this Country well for over 100 years.  This would put the power of self-governance back into the hands of the people where it constitutionally belongs.  It would also give” We the People” the ability to throw all of these corrupt people from judges to politicians into the jails that they have filled with the poor souls who wouldn’t play by their twisted set of rules that are being forced on America by the Police state and the ridiculous war on drugs.  Although this is a real hard rowe to howe, with some effort and a little luck, it could happen.  The second: Revolutionary and Civil war.  This would be ugly, bloody and likely not effectuate the desired change which is, as I see it, the reversal of the Progressive (Communist) change back to the Constitutional Republic and the Original Intent of the Constitution itself.  To forcefully bring about this change would require a great deal of skill as well as a firm reliance in God and the selection of leadership devoid of the greed and corruption that got us here in the first place.  I’d say the odds on that happening are very slim…..possible….yes….but very slim.  As Thomas Jefferson once said,” From time to time the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.”  And on a closing note from another brilliant man, John Fitzgerald Kennedy said; “those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”   Where is your line?  How far will you be pushed?   Will you turn tail and run?  Or will you choose a course and fight.   It’s time to figure that one out people…..it’s time to figure that one out for the hour grows near and this choice will be made for you if you don’t make it yourself and you and I both know that you won’t like the one that THEY make for you, not even a little.  If you were to re-read the declaration of Independence I think you would be able to clearly see that the grievances listed “which impel them to the separation” are applicable to our very own government today.  I also believe it is time to again make the same promise to each other that they made to themselves when they issued this blessed document, “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”  May God Bless America, Again.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Eric Holder Finaly Resigns

My question is why now?  He said he was going to resign before, "as soon as a replacement could be found."  But why Now?  Is it because the FOIA request that was REPEATEDLY made by "Judicial Watch" was finally granted by the supreme court?  You have to ask several more questions about this as well, but lets just take that one for now, or, maybe not. 

   Isn't it just amazing that this FOIA request finally bears fruit in the Supreme Court that he then makes his decision to leave office?  I mean Hearing after hearing in the House of representatives yields nothing.  A Contempt citation from the same legislative body only reveals the laughter of the entire DOJ.  You can practically hear it still echoing down the halls of the office building.  Was there any teeth to the contempt citation?  No.  Was there any force behind the contempt finding?  No.  Was the "Peoples Lawyer" Eric Holder or any under him in that department deterred, fearful or otherwise more respectful of the "Peoples House?"  NO.  Did the "Peoples House" do anything about this blatant disrespect not only of their body, but of the Supreme Law of the Land, The Constitution, which all swore an oath to protect and defend?  No.  Is the Benghazi incident and the death surrounding it the only crime the office of said "Peoples Attorney"and dept. of State is suspected of perpetrating and or complicit in covering up?  No.  Is the death of Boarder Patrol Officer Brian Terry and countless innocent Mexican citizens due to Operation "Fast and Furious" an "acceptable loss?"  No.  Was the Use of the IRS to go after Conservative political Groups, the Senate, and House Committee members as well as private Citizens who disagree with this administration either legal or proper?  No.  Was the incident surrounding "extortion-17" which lead to the death of almost all of S*E*A*L Team 6 (amongst others) who were responsible for the take down of the infamous Osama Bin-Laden just a freak accident to be expected during "Normal combat operations?" No.  Is the southern boarder of the United States wide open for foreign nationals to cross without (meaningful) opposition?  Yes.  Is that a Federal Responsibility in Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution?  Yes.  Is the Federal Government fulfilling its responsibilities in this area?  NO.  Do they care?  NO.  Are the people crossing this wide open boarder illegally bringing with them disease?  Yes.  Are the people coming across this boarder illegally of other Nationalities like Middle Eastern, Terrorists or Enemy spies?  YES.  Is the DOJ, DHS, TSA, ICE, FBI all complicit in this invasion?  YES.  Is it being covered up, misrepresented and actually lied about by these agencies as well as the main stream news outlets?  YES.  Is it a Danger to our Sovereignty and our way of life, not to mention our health and security as a Nation?  YES.

   To go with my first question:  Yes.  My guess is that he has political aspirations, and if he were to be impeached those aspirations would be dead as impeachment would preclude him from attaining any office.  However, if he gets away from the office before he can be impeached, the only thing left is criminal or civil prosecution which will likely never happen, and he still gets to run for or be appointed to another position.  If we Don't get this fu**er now before he leaves office, we will never get the satisfaction of seeing him hung by the neck until dead for the crime of Treason, which in my opinion he and this entire administration is, and has been guilty of on many and multiple counts.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why is this so hard?

Well, I guess I could say the classic because; “life is only as hard as you make it.”  That may have been true when our parents grew up, and only for some of us, but most of us (Americans) know during this day and age that this is not exactly the case.  Common sense has gone from our laws.  Equal justice has given way to social justice.  What was once said by Thomas Jefferson “if it neither breaks my leg, nor picks my pocket” no longer applies.  With the Obama administration ruling by administrative fiat (can you say “Dictator?”), things are no longer in our (the peoples) control are they?   We go about our everyday lives.  We are working harder and longer than ever before in our lifetimes, sometimes just to put gas in the car.  Long gone are the days when the wife stayed home and cared for the children and the house.  Now both parents have to work and work hard, sometimes even two jobs just to have what we are used to having, or to keep what we have already worked hard to get.  Those days when working at Friendly’s would pay your rent and buy you enough gas and leave enough cash in your pocket to go on that Friday night date or out with your friends are long since dead.  Our children are not suffering or wanting (yet) because we make sure that they don’t have to.  By putting extra time and effort into the equation we (as American parents) make sure that they are the last to feel what we already know to be true.   We try our best to shelter them from what we already know is a very hard pill to swallow.  That the American dream is dead, that it doesn’t apply to them.  The fact that they will have to work even harder than we did to have less than we do is scary, but true.   Unless we the people fix it, they will never again have what we as a country, as a people and as a (American) family have had.  The Country, as a whole is suffering and the sad part is, it is our children that are going to bear the brunt of it.  They will have to fix it and learn what freedom is and how to fight for it or watch it go away.  Even the Obama voters who bought into the “O”-riginal lie (and you know who you are, I would keep it a secret and remove the bumper stickers) are trying their best to live the way they are accustomed and are failing, but that doesn’t seem to matter.  Instead they choose to live in denial and are trying to justify that MORE and not LESS Socialism is the answer to all the suffering and madness in America.  Deep down they know they are wrong, but instead of admitting it, they will drag the whole Country (and anyone who disagrees with them) into the abyss kicking and screaming if need be, because, they alone know what’s best for you.  You (American People) are too stupid to make your own decisions.  So we (the Progressives) will make them for you, we will protect you from yourself.  It’s for your own good, you’ll see.  “The ends justify the means.”  You will see we are right.  It is this mentality and thought process that has killed and enslaved more people around the world than anything else.  It is Communism, and America as well as freedom is in the (Death) throws of it.  You can call it whatever you want, but a horse by any other color is still a horse.  If you think it is just you and your family that is suffering, you are wrong.  It is your neighbor, your community, your state, our entire Country.  So think again, and don’t feel bad.  Always remember you are not alone.  People all over this (once) great nation are losing their jobs, their houses, their posterity, their health insurance, and finally (I hope) their self-esteem and none of them through any CHOICE of their own.   As a Nation, as a Country, as a people, this is the last thing we can afford to lose, our self-esteem, our very reason for being, our GOD, this is what makes us American.  This is what made this Country and what made us Great.  This is what makes us “exceptional”, what sets us apart from the rest of the world, what makes us who we are, Americans.  Our children need to be taught this.  Yet they are not.  Our children need to be taught the Constitution.  Yet they are not.  While we shelter, coddle and nurture them we fail to teach them. We need to once again teach them what it is that made them who they are; Religion, Faith, Love and respect for one another, the value of hard work, charity, loyalty and most of all we owe them the truth.  We hide from them the truth.  Why?  We send them to public schools where the Government teaches them revisionist history and not accurate facts.  Good and the bad, they need to know them both.  They teach “new math” (what the hells is that) two plus two is not five (but it is if we say it is).  We Give them “participation” trophies and tell them that they are all the best but that’s just not true!  That winning isn’t everything.  Instead we should be telling them “you really stink at this” maybe you should try gymnastics instead ballet, or baseball instead of football, maybe golf is your thing, you might really be good at that.  I know, I know we don’t want to hurt their feelings.  What a bunch of crap!!   Failure and disappointment as well as learning how to accept and learn from it takes effort and that effort builds character and that character is the Character of an American.  Strong willed, honest, ready to fight for what is right, says what he means and means what he says, loyal to a fault because it’s in his blood American.  Have we forgotten this as well?

So, back to my original question:  Why is this so hard?  Because sometimes, the truth hurts and things aren’t always what they seem to be.  Because morals, values and the truth are not things you can compromise (I guess that’s why Congress hates the TEA party).  The hard lesson is always the one you remember and the easy road is always the one that leads to pain.  You will forget how you got there, but you will remember how bad it hurt when you did.  Once our founding principles are lost, weather through the lack of education or the lack of willingness to adhere to them, there will be no going back without an incredible amount of National pain and the loss of National treasure (blood).  By then, it will be too late.  The people who care enough to lose their treasure will be few, the ones who know better will have been killed or died, and the rest will be left to wonder why, and ask what if.  The last line of the Declaration of Independence says “with a firm reliance on the protection of Devine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”  Unless we teach these values to our children, or remember them for ourselves, the fight (I am afraid) will be over before it has even started, and we shall have no one to blame but ourselves for our own demise.  And without these basic truths, our children will not know the difference nor will they understand what was lost, or how. 

With Malice toward none;

Donald Vincent.   

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Obama’s Back Dated & Forged Selective Service Form Hits Washington Times in Full Page Ad

Obama’s Back Dated & Forged Selective Service Form Hits Washington Times in Full Page Ad

American Apathy

By Donald Vincent
Here I sit. Late at night. I am wondering why "We the people' Are standing by......taking (almost ) the same crap we were dealt over 200 years ago by England with not even as much as a whimper. Even our Grandparents would be in the streets and on the field of battle. But today, on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we take our right to religion and our right to speak our minds and we just ignore them. We ignore them because "our government" has made it inconvenient to do otherwise, made us scared to be who we are. We give away our privacy and health care and our right to choose over to the taxing agency of an already intrusive government and expect that it will all be better than it was before(?). We put up with "Free Speech Zones" (what the fu** is that ?), and our ability to carry a rifle in public or a small arm in private, why? Because someone might be scared? Or offended (who gives a sh**)? We let our first "black (not really)" President (supposed to be a good thing right?) Take the law into his own hands and Impose social instead of equal justice. We allow him alone decide which laws he likes and wants to enforce, and when and against whom he chooses to enforce them.......Starts to sound a little more and more like what my Grandfather and his father fought AGAINST in WWI, and WWII. Like their fathers before who fought in the war of 1812, or the Civil war, or even the Revolutionary war. Are we that apathetic? Have we grown so dependent that we will not take personal responsibility for our own destiny? Do we care not for our children and our children's children that we will hand over to this monster that we ourselves have created and allowed to live that which was at one time the nature of our very existence? What will become of them? Shall we again give up their rights to the same? What happened to the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness (property)? Does this all die to give rise to the "collective?" To the Government?
My guess is that the majority of you have decided in the affirmative. That government which governs most governs best. That you and yours are incapable of making decisions for yourselves. That your destiny, and the destiny of your family is best left up to the people who know better, the government. May God Bless and protect you from the monster of our creation and Americas demise.